Our History

A data processing system like the computer, has three units, viz:

*The input unit
*The processing unit
*The output unit

The main job is done in the processing unit with the microprocessor coordinating the activities of all the internal components.

The microprocessor is otherwise known as the Central Processing Unit, CPU.

Simply put, the CPU gets data via input, processes the data and delivers results via the output unit.

In the construction industry, CPU gets construction dreams/desires from the world, designs them and creates real construction edifices that bear excellence, satisfaction and more, as trade marks.

Beyond construction, ENGR. PHILIP UGBOMAH
CHUKWUMAH – the microprocessor of CPU CONSTRUCTION, exhibits leadership prowess in the able management and coordination of the CPU Team as is evident in the success story all over.

CPU extends his proficiency to societal building; corporate social responsibility schemes roll-out in their numbers to the credit of CPU – sports development, job creation – to mention but a few.

The footprints of CPU have also not gone unnoticed as a number of awards have been rolling-in. One is billed to hold August 8th, 2019.

ENGR. PHILIP alias CPU has sought to represent his good people of Ndoshimili (Ndokwa East) in the Delta State House of Assembly twice. And twice have the gods asked him to “wait”. And twice he did listen with all humility and commitment. For obedience is the first law in heaven. Nor has he relented in pushing various societal and human development schemes.

While ENGR. PHILIP is “waiting”, there are areas, the society can benefit from the services of this young articulate and proficient mind in the present government. This is not to say that the government is less aware.

Nigeria, but Delta State in particular has a rich human resource to tap in *ENGR. PHILIP
UGBOMAH CHUKWUMAH. The better to tap it.